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About Us

In 2016 Pinoy-Tech entered the fast-growing world of computers and IT systems.

We started as a team of IT hardware and Networking enthusiasts with 9 years working experience in the U.A.E. Launched our services in our hometown of Fujairah with the vision of being a successful IT hardware, components and services provider all across the U.A.E.

Today we pride ourselves in providing high-quality IT-services, computers and components for our customers. We are registered in the U.A.E, with license number.: 1015374

Our Products

As avid computer techies, we have personally tested and experienced most of the components we sell. That means if we sell it, we loved it! From graphic cards to complete customization of your PC, we want to assist our customers in obtaining the best quality computers.
You can choose from hottest brand names, latest components and the top names in the industry. Our products from desktop/ laptop computers, printers, IP security cameras, PBX systems and accessories are competitively priced so that our customer’s needs are in their reach.

Why Pinoy-Tech?
We supply the quality products and services our customers need at the right price and back it with our extensive knowledge and expertise. And we make sure our customers are well informed and happy with our works.